The medically important bamboo that will pave the way for sustainable passive income for every nutraceutical company in india

Bamboo leaves have antioxidant commercial properties because of the presence of phenolic substances and have actually been used for improving immunity, protecting against degenerative diseases as well as adding value as a edible food in the food market.

Medically important bamboo
Medically important bamboo

Medically important bamboo and its herbal uses:


The young shoots are also being utilized as a veggie in the traditional form in numerous foods and are now being utilized as a component in practical foods. The shoots have anti-hypertensive, anti-tumour and also anti-oxidant effects and have actually been verified to possess cholesterol-lowering activity.


Bamboo salt is used as a medicinal food in lots of Oriental nations and supplies a wide range of wellness benefits and sales of this salt is transacted within the B2B pharmaceutical space worldwide. Thus, bamboo is an excellent plant as well as has wonderful assurance for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical as well as cosmeceutical industry.


Construction industry uses of the medically important bamboo:

Bamboo is emerging as a multi-utility plant being utilized as a structure product lately, where in carbon credits are also being placed for commercial purposes, so its a commodity which can yield high income passive income returns for nutruceutical and herbal companies within the construction industry.


Nutraceutical applications of the medically important bamboo:


In recent times, there has been considerable interest in the capacity for using natural food part as functional foods. Anti-oxidants have a long background of use in the nourishment and also in the food market.


The understanding is that antioxidants boost health by eliminating responsive varieties that might or else apply damaging metabolic results. 

To food scientists, anti-oxidants indicates to a compound utilized for functional features e.g. slow down oxidation whereas others comprehend the term as explaining foods or compounds with high worths for in-vitro measures for radical quenching ability examination. 

Several dietary compounds can negating the properties of Vitamin C, tocopherols, carotenoids, polyphenols etc.


Synthetic chemical substances are used as preservative in foods, cosmetics as well as clinical products that have triggered wellness concerns to customers.


Bamboo has been satisfying the demands of 1.2 billion individuals for their income. Its importance to the human race has actually increased considerably with the growth of modern-day innovation. 



Functional food application of the medically important bamboo:


Bamboo now plays a really important function in drugs, cosmoceuticals, nutraceuticals and also the food market. Due to the presence of bioactive compounds, it confers health and wellness benefits to customers and this capacity has been utilized for establishing nutraceuticals as well as functional foods.


The advancement of health food additives is a top priority in food markets and much focus is being paid on those which have the ability to preserve food quality, safety as well as are additionally not expensive. 


The advancement of such sort of additives is concentrated on all-natural, dietary, multifunctional, safe and also trustworthy additives. It is a top priority to replace artificial antioxidants which might impact health and wellness, with all-natural edible anti-oxidants which are extra reliable as well as non-expensive. 


Thus, bamboo has all the excellent qualities for being made use of as a preservative as well as also show prospective as basic materials for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical as well as food sectors.


Medically important bamboo and its applications in building and construction market:


The furnishings application sector in the bamboo market made up the 2nd biggest earnings share of 25.7% in 2021. It is expected to broaden at a CAGR of 4.4% in terms of income during the projection period. 


This is because of boosted international need for woven and also crocheted furniture owing to its durability, very easy availability, as well as high tensile strength. 


In addition, it is a wood substitute and has the exact same look as timber which is driving the need for bamboo in furnishings applications.


Bamboo resources comprise timber substitutes, scaffolding, and bamboo posts. The need for domestic building and construction is surging dramatically around the world because of ongoing urbanisation and also the boosting population, hence 2023 is the right time for every nutraceutical company to venture into this medicinally important grass both for this leaves as source of medicine and its shrubs as potential construction material.



Ruchi Khanna