Advantage of granules over powder for drug delivery


What is powder?

Powder are uniform mixture of dry grounded drugs or chemicals that may be intended for internal or external usage.

Why not powder?

  1. Powdered medications cannot be administered if they are bitter, nauseous, or caustic.
  2. Powder preparation is more time consuming and costly than tablets and capsules.
  3. Another drawback of bulk powder is its inaccurate dosage.
  4. When it comes to correctly distributing drugs that deteriorate when exposed to air, powder dose forms are not appropriate.
  5. Powder packaging may add costs.

What is granule?

The term Granules is derived from the Latin word “Granulum” which means little grain. Granules are prepared from powdered substance or form by aggregations of fine particles of powders in a mass of about spherical shape.

Why Granules?

Granulation is the process of mixing one or more powder particles with a binding agent and/or compressive actions to create granules and widely used in drug delivery. Granules are bigger multi-particle entities formed by the adhesion of original powder particles. The size range of pharmaceutical granules usually varies from 0.2 to 4.0 mm. The goods and excipients can then be simply molded into tablets/drugs or used in the production of capsules in granules form. Granulation is one of the most significant unit operations in the drug production process since these two are the most widely used drug dosage forms and has multiple therapeutic advantages.

Granules, which are utilized as a dosage form, are made up of powder particles that have been combined to create a bigger, typically 2-4 mm diameter particle that is robust enough to handle handling. Compared to the granules made as a filler before tablets are made, these are substantially bigger.

In order to obtain a uniform distribution of each powdered ingredient throughout the mix, granulation often starts after the appropriate dry mixing steps have been completed. Following granulation, the granules may be combined with other excipients before tablet compaction or capsule filling, or they may be packed (if utilized as a dosage form).

Granules advantages over powder for drug delivery

  • To avoid powder segregation: If powder is composed of varied dimension and densities, a separation between these particles will occur.
  • Enhances powder flowability: Higher flow ability provide better filling of the containers, during volumetric dosage.
  • Granules provide higher porosity
  • Eliminates poor content uniformity
  • Produces dust-free formulations: The dangerous production of toxic dust that could occur during powder handling will be lessened by the granulation of toxic substance.
  • Improves compressibility of powder
  • Ease in handling: Granules are easier to handle than powder
  • Ease in administration: Large doses are difficult to formulate on tablets, so they are can easily be given in the granular form.
  • Enhanced solubility: Granule have enhanced solubility compared to light and fluffy powder.
  • Taste enhancer: Granules are used as taste masking
  • Formulation flexibility: Granules provide flexibility in formulation design, which allow controlled release formulation.
  • Ease in customization: Granules can be easily customized as per specific patients.
  • Ease in bulk production: Granules can be easily scalable by using various techniques including spray drying and extrusion in a cost effective way.

When compared to other dosage forms, pharmaceutical granules offer more performance and versatility overall. They become a more alluring choice for medication administration in a variety of therapeutic applications as a result.

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