How to minimize risk in giving away credit to buyer and receiving post dated cheque within nutraceutical commodity business

Creditworthiness is the capacity of your clients to pay you, which is why it’s important to understand exactly how to establish creditworthiness before you give away or enhance professional credit. To establish the creditworthiness of a client, you require to understand their reputation for paying on time and also their capability to continue to do so.

Giving credit to buyer
Giving credit to buyer

Typical duration requests towards giving away credit to buyer:

While making your first sale to a new buyer, your potential buyer most certainly will try to influence you to provide credit and make the transaction on 30, 60 or 90 day credit basis.

Traditions process of giving away credit to buyer is exchanged with Post dated cheque (PDC):

Many nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies do operate on credit system but payment failure of PDC still looms in the future for the seller, upfront assessment even for an old buyer should be in place in your company. In this article I try to enlighten you on how to make credit decisions.

Giving away credit to buyer should not compromise your profits:

Needless to say that your buyer must have strong earnings as well as outstanding goodwill and reputation. You likewise need to understand that your company future and good prospects depends upon continuous increasing profits and similar such capital trends, hence failure of your future payments can affect your growth. it is better to have little business than no business at all.

What are the 5 variables that you can must measure before you decide towards giving away credit to buyer:
  1. Character: It is necessary to determine that your buyer has the background and also qualifications that suggest they are reliable as well as have a reputation for sound business techniques. To examine all these carefully, you should call for business referrals, just google review assessment won’t be sufficient also examine the business’s credit history, and examine the reputation business has in the market.
  2. Ability: You wish to make certain your buyer can pay your GST invoice. Recognizing the business’s cash flow circumstance will offer this insight. You should take a look at capital statements, GST returns and timely fillings, analyze its debt-to-income ratio, as well as compare this to your buyer historical profits.
  3. Asset Assessment: If your buyer operates its business solely on rental premises, does not have any fixed assets and perhaps does not even have high authorized capital (in case of companies) then you might consider high risk towards a credit transaction with such a buyer.
  4. Resources: Recognizing exactly how well capitalized your buyer is can assist you to understand their capacity to pay for your goods or services. Ask to examine a buyer monetary value in total.
  5. Conditions: Take a close take look at the conditions that could influence your buyers business. The economy, political situation in the area of operation, and also hazards or possibilities for the market your buyer business operates in can aid you understand if the business will certainly remain to be feasible or if obstacles might compel your buyer to default on your PDC.

Red flags in giving away credit to buyer:

If in the first transaction your new buyer compels you to give credit then you must not agree on such requests outrightly, instead you must mention clearly that you will assesses their capacity and measure their creditworthiness using the above mentioned parameters and that when they pass in these measurements then only credit discussions can be initiated.

If your buyer is unwilling to undergo such measurements then the buyer is probably not going to keep the credit promise.

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