Antioxidant & vitamin synergistic formulations have potential to maintain recurring end consumers looking for health and wellness post workouts

Antioxidant and vitamins formulations advantages

Antioxidants are a class of nutrients that secure the body from damage caused by different aspects, most importantly oxidative damage brought on by compounds called totally free radicals. Free radicals are known as “reactive oxygen species”, or ROS. 

Antioxidant & vitamin synergistic formulations

They are produced when your body uses oxygen for energy. Just as fire produces smoke as a by-product, ROS are emitted from the conversion of oxygen to energy in the body, ultimately triggering oxidative damage to body systems. Free radicals are also produced when the body is exposed to pollution, cigarette smoke, vehicle exhaust and other harmful environmental toxins.

Blend power of proper antioxidant and vitamins formulations

There are different kinds of anti-oxidants, and the majority of work much better when coupled with other anti-oxidants. This is called synergism. Vitamins can be anti-oxidants, such as vitamins C and E. The tripeptide glutathione, loosely categorized as an amino acid, serves as an antioxidant, in addition to other real amino acids such as methionine. 

Antioxidant and vitamins formulations for sports nutrition market

The raw herbs and veggies we consume contain natural anti-oxidants called bioflavonoids and carotenoids, which work as anti-oxidants in themselves, however are more effective when synergistically combined with other anti-oxidants. Together these nutrients safeguard your cells from electron break-in at the hands of larcenous free radicals, securing the body from illness and slowing the inevitable signs of aging.

Antioxidants are important supplements for everyone, however specifically for those who exercise regularly. The rational is that exercise is an extremely oxidative procedure and, as a consequence, produces complimentary radicals from aerobic metabolism. Antioxidant substances assist ease this process.


– reduces the damage from free radicals

– safeguards against cell damage

– might assist with avoidance of incapacitating diseases

Antioxidants are a class of nutrients that secure the body from damage triggered by different factors, most significantly oxidative damage triggered by substances called free radicals. There are different types of anti-oxidants, and a lot of work much better when matched with other antioxidants. The raw herbs and veggies we consume contain natural antioxidants called bioflavonoids and carotenoids, which are efficient anti-oxidants on their own, however are more effective when synergistically integrated with other anti-oxidants.

Herbal antioxidant and vitamin formulations

Due to the complexity of plant extracts, a significant analytical effort and also manufacturing skills are needed to generate well- defined, standard organic prep work. Synergistic interactions are very delicate and their success depend on the types of different compounds in the combination.

A particular mix may show synergistic behaviour in one concentration & its exact proportion while non stable behaviour at another proportions. So the kinds of different substances and their respective focus in the mixture requires a correct standardization to ensure that the maximum synergistic activity of the mix can be attained. 

The majority of the combinations have actually not been tried yet, just a really small percentage of the combinations circulate in the market today. We at Rass Biosolution Private Limited specialise in bringing such formulations to the market as per the FSSAI INS codes while keeping in mind the application and results we require at consumer level.

Ruchi Khanna